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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Lighting up
Hey All-

Just wanted to let you know the new DF chapter featuring Kylee is up
and it is vastly "lighter" and more fun than what we have had/will
have so far in Season 4. Kylee is always a kicky character for me to
write and she is based on actual women in my life. She is also
another way for me to channel sexy/slutty Southern Belles with
brains; )

As for the image in this chapter, please send copious amounts of love
and props to Barron for doing an outstanding job since it is, I
believe, the best this character has ever looked - lighting and color
(as well as a new hairstyle) do make a world of difference, just like
on an actual broadcast news set - also, B's company just shuttered
its U.S. operations and he is looking for a new job, uh, right now.
So, if y'all know anyone at a cool company in the Bay Area looking
for an even cooler computer genius, please link him up!

More DF chapters and changes to come soon (fingers crossed).

P.S. And a very happy birthday (tomorrow) to my boy Colton who rocked
the film fest and got a very decent review in Variety - I so proud, I
so proud: )

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