The Aquarium

The Aquarium is the place for images, side stories, reader submitted art/whatever that doesn't fit in the main story. This area will grow with time. For now here are a few samples of the art and story surrounding Darkfin®:

A rendered image promo for Season Three.

Simple Flash movie.

A little more complex Flash movie.

Darkfin "comic" cover that was part of the design for the main page during Year One. Art by Alex Amezcua Color by Elizabeth Crusade.
Our Mascot:

This is "Spiny Norman" the Sea Dragon. This Leafy Sea Dragon has been "adopted" by us here at Darkfin, thanks to a special program from The Aquarium of the Pacific.

Darkfin Desktops
Darkfin Surfacing


Darkfin Brooding


A full image of a contemplative Erika von Meer by Elizabeth Crusade

Alex Amezcua gives us his image of Darkfin swimming with the dolphins in Duquesa Bay.
Elizabeth Crusade's study of Darkfin's skin early in the character design process. The fins under her arms are intentionally left off to better show the character.

Darkfin Promo Image Welcome to Duquesa Bay
This is a banner ad created to advertise the opening of the site. Drop the date and it would make a pretty cool t-shirt, don't you think?
Another "teaser" image designed for the site before it opened.

Birthday Wishes to Erika vonMeer



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