The Aquarium

The Aquarium is the place for images, side stories, reader submitted art/whatever that doesn't fit in the main story. This area will grow with time. For now here are a few samples of the art and story surrounding Darkfin:

Erika's hypothetical birthday greetings...

 "HAPPY 30th BIRTHDAY ERIKA - March 15, 2000"

To My Sea Star - Three decades ago, a new and magical joy was ushered into my life with the beginning of yours - I look forward to what the next three decades will bring! - Love, Dad

Honey, you're old now - when am I getting some grandchildren? - Always, Your Mother

Dear Sis - Wishing you all the best - your gift is sitting on my desk, I'll get it to you next week, I swear! - Your Loving YOUNGER brother, KJ

I know the Big 3-0 sounds daunting but you'll always be someone's Babygirl...just not mine, now get off of my lap and stop crying, you big puss! - Shelby

To a good colleague and a great friend, Cheers! - Tim

Rica: At last, welcome to the other side - now, get away from your desk and do something wild...I have a few suggestions! - Mucho Gusto, "Sandy"

Hey Kiddo, you have a ways to go before you can catch up to me - enjoy it, at least TRY to, and I'll see you for our regular match next week - Big Joe

So Rik, when do I get to spank you 30 times? - Luv Ya, Zach

Look at all those candles, OW, THIRD DEGREE BURNS, THIRD DEGREE BURNS - Gracie

Hi, I don't really know you but I hope to soon - Morrigan McBride

Dr. von Meer, I'd like to take this opportunity to wish you a wonderful birthday and I appreciate your ongoing expertise with our endeavors - Sincerely, Captain Craig D. Phelps and your friends at the United States Coast Guard

Hey Rikka, tons of love and happiness on your special day! XOXOXO Kylee

Dear Erika, you have been one of the few constants in my life for nearly 30 years - may that never change! All my love, Griffin

Dearest Fish Lady, thank you so much for the kick-ass info on manta rays for my science project, it actually made me want to attend class for a day - thanks again and have a profound natal fest - Penny Renselier

Celebrate your birthday, it could very well be your last! - Anonymous



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