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The Writer/Creator: A proud Southern California native, Lizzy TJ earned her BA in journalism from Cal. State Northridge and went on to a successful internship at KNBC, Los Angeles. After years of working as a writer/editor for a variety of businesses, she is currently pursuing more creative endeavors at UCLA.

    “I have been an avid sci-fi/adventure/comic book fan all of my life… except for the unfortunate teen years when Cosmo and Days of Our Lives took over. As much as I loved female-driven shows like Xena and Buffy, I grew a little tired (okay, a lot tired) of seeing all the male names as writers/creators. Darkfin is my attempt to continue the troubled heroine story line with the internet’s glorious freedoms and the edge of actually knowing what PMS is truly like.” – Lizzy TJ

    The Webmaster/Graphic Designer: Barron's background is in hard science (BS from UC Berkeley and a MS in Physics from Stanford), but his love is design and interface mechanics. He is employed as a web designer/internet programmer at E-Book Systems in Santa Clara, CA.

    The Artists: Art for Darkfin is provided by a variety of talented artists. Alex Amezcua is responsible for most of the amazing flat panel work of Year 1. Elizabeth Crusade is the genius behind some of the early panels, as well as, the brilliant panel coloring of Year 1. And Dale McKee offers his stylish black & white headshots of the main characters in Year 1. If you would like to submit Darkfin art, please feel free to contact us!

All of the above would love to receive feedback on the site and content.

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