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      Since we're too nice to ask for gold bullion, we've come up with an ingenious way for you to show us the love you harbor in your dark little heart.

      So check out the wishlists for:

      In addition, exclusive perks will be given to those who give. Think of us as PBS but with more tough girls and less Ken Burns. We do not have a list of pledge gifts... yet. But we will be very creative in acknowledging our esteemed benefactors. You can sneak into the story as a cameo or get a special image rendered to your specifications. Plus you get a lovely plaque!

      Hearken back to the days of yore when bards sang for their supper and there were brandy snifters full of tips on every piano. Simply make out your donation to along with a note telling us who you are and why you wish to bestow good things upon us. Now, isn't this better than a pledge drive?

      NOTE: This venture is by no means corporate! It consists of a few struggling artists who have to suffer through boring day jobs in order to release their creativity in the form of Darkfin. Most of our free time, energy, and $$$ go into maintaining the quality of this site. Any contribution is deeply appreciated.


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