Dramatis Personae
The Characters

The Von Meer Family
Dr. Erika von Meer (aka Darkfin)
Age: 30
Hair: Natural Blonde
Eyes: Bright Blue
The main protagonist of the story, "Rikka" is a leading expert in Marine Biology/Genetic Engineering. She is a research professor at Santa Conchita University and is the daughter of Duquesa Bay's von Meer shipping family. Fluent in several languages, she is also a classical pianist.
Quote: "Alea jacta est."
Karl John "KJ" von Meer
Age: 26
Hair: Ash Blond
Eyes: Dark Blue
The brother of Erika, Karl Junior has a law degree and is an executive at Meer-A-Mar Shipping. He's an accomplished polo player and works with many local charities.
Quote: "It's a sunshine day!" 

Karl von Meer
Age: 62
Hair: Balding Gray/Moustache
Eyes: Pale Blue
The co-founder and CEO of Meer-A-Mar Shipping, Karl Senior is the father of Erika and her brother. Originally from Virginia, he is a West Point graduate and an avid yachtsman.
Quote: "Do your best with dignity and your best is that much better."

Pauline Blackwood von Meer
Age: 57
Hair: Bottle Blonde
Eyes: Bright Blue
This former tennis pro is from a prominent New England family and is the mother of Erika and her brother. She is active in the Chamber of Commerce and the country club.
Quote: "Get out of my way!"


The Martel Family
Douglas Martel
Age: 59
Hair: Salt & Pepper
Eyes: Hazel
The other co-founder and CEO of Meer-A-Mar Shipping, Doug dropped out of West Point where he met Karl von Meer. A former hockey player for the Montreal Canadiens, he has many ties to professional sports and owns the local baseball AAA farm club, "The Cactus."
Quote: "It's not just winning, it's how much you win by!"

George Renselier
Age: 47
Hair: Curly Black
Eyes: Hazel
The husband of Lydia, this former stock broker is now a Republican State Assemblyman. He is originally from Louisiana.
Quote: "Everything is going according to plan."

Dr. Stephanie Gates Martel
Age: 57
Hair: Gray Auburn
Eyes: Blue
The former wife of Doug and the mother of all the other Martel children. Coming from a nouveau riche family background, she is the head of surgery at Bay Valley Medical Center.
Quote: "How come I can help everyone except my own children?"

Benjamin Martel, DDS.
Age: 38
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Green
This family dentist is the father of three by KCON's Claudia Steel. He likes restoring old cars and spends a lot of time in third world countries teaching oral hygiene.
Quote: "When I see others smile, I smile."

Griffin Martel
Age: 29
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Hazel
Known as "Rif" to his friends, this Harvard MBA graduate is looking to take his father's place at Meer-A-Mar shipping. He also works for the Pacific Coast Oil Consortium and has been involved in Erika's life since they were children.
Quote: "MINE, MINE, MINE."

Lydia Martel Renselier
Age: 45Hair: Red
Eyes: Brown
The sister of Doug, she is the county museum curator and well-known philanthropist. She uses arm crutches because of MS.
Quote: "What mask shall I wear today?"

Bradley Martel
Age: 26
Hair: Blond & Black
Eyes: Hazel
The college drop-out playboy of the family, he's a concert promoter and loves to participate in various legal and non-legal activities.
Quote: "Let's discuss this over drinks."

Penelope "Penny" Renselier
Age: 16
Hair: Dyed Black with occasional colored tips
Eyes: Light Blue
Heavily into the Goth scene, she is the adopted daughter and only child of Lydia and George. She also possesses a genius IQ.
Quote: "Someday."

Ursula Dragovic Martel
Age: 34
Hair: Wavy Black
Eyes: Brown
The current wife of Doug, Ursula is a native of the former Yugoslavia and is the mother of a baby boy, Ivan. She was an international model and now stars in the television show "Sigma Seven" as R'xal, Queen of the Warrior Moons.
Quote: "Pretend you care."

Jeremy Colvin
: 18
Hair: Short Black
Eyes: Dark Green
Working two part-time jobs while pursuing his GED, "Jere" lives with his mother and younger brother in a mobile home community. He enjoys sketching, snow boarding and is an aspiring DJ.
Quote: "Doing things for myself is good, doing things for others is better."

Victoria Martel
Age: 35
Hair: Brown with graying sides
Eyes: Blue
A municipal court judge, she is part-owner of a clothing boutique and enjoys golfing. She is in a constant battle with her weight.
Quote: "Life is pretty good, I can't complain...too much."

Turner Gates
Age: 50
Hair: Thinning Auburn
Eyes: Brown
A captain of industry in communications equipment, Stephanie's brother is on the boards of several top companies in the area. He's also the general manager of the local television station, KCON.
Quote: "What's the bottom line?"


The Fiore Family
Frank Fiore
Age: 64
Hair: Bald with Graying sides
Eyes: Blue
Hailing from one of the oldest families in the county, he continues to work on his farm despite a debilitating stroke. He also manages to go on hunting and fishing trips.
Quote: "Damn you, God, DAMN YOU TO HELL."
Dr. Javier Sanchez
Age: 42
Hair: Salt & Pepper/Moustache and Beard
Eyes: Brown
Married to Ona Rosa, he is the head of the Santa Conchita University Biology & Aquatics department. He coaches his sons' soccer team.
Quote: "Why can't I stop thinking about her?"

Ona Rosa Fiore Sanchez
Age: 33
Hair: Wavy Black
Eyes: Blue
The beautiful daughter of Frank and Carmen, she is a tax attorney who works out of her home to look after her three children. She also helps run the family farm.
Quote: "Why can't I stop thinking about him?"

Lt. Anita Teresa Fiore
Age: 28
Hair: Short Dark Brown
Eyes: Amber
The athletic daughter of Frank and Carmen, she is a helicopter pilot for the United States Coast Guard and manages her apartment building. She rides a motorcycle and plays the guitar.
Quote: "Time to go check out the beach goers, actually, it's time for the beach goers to check out me!"

Carmen Tapia Fiore
Age: 62
Hair: Almost Gray
Eyes: Amber
Frank's wife and the mother of his two daughters, she takes care of the family business. She has a small arts & crafts business on the side and is a founding member of the local Chumash Heritage Council.
Quote: "I call upon the wisdom and courage of my ancestors to guide me on life's ever-winding path."

Hector Tapia
Age: 56
Hair: Thinning Brown Black
Eyes: Amber
A jack of all trades and twice divorced, he currently splits his time between farming on his sister's ranch and commercial fishing. He became a poet laureate in prison where he took the rap for a crime he didn't commit.
Quote: "Watching the watched watch"


The News Family
Morrigan McBride
Age: 26
Hair: Curly Brown/Shoulder Length
Eyes: Bright Green
The daughter of a LAPD commander and a now-deceased librarian, she is the new reporter for KCON. She spent the last few years at smaller markets in the mid-west. She enjoys singing and has a pet tarantula.
Quote: "A new job, a new city, a new life...yeah, right."

Gracie Takanachi
Age: 25
Hair: Short Black
Eyes: Brown
Originally from the Seattle area, "Fingers" lost her right index and pinky in a childhood accident. She is KCON's top field producer and camerawoman. In her off hours, she's a DJ at "Techtonic," the local dance club.
Quote: "Where are the Cheetos?"

Claudia Steel
Age: 39
Hair: Dishwater Blonde
Eyes: Brown
The despised co-anchor of KCON NewsCenter8.
Quote: "Go fuck yourself, you otiose bastard!"

Dan Henshaw
Age: 66
Hair: White
Eyes: Pale Blue
The beloved lead anchor of KCON NewsCenter8.
Quote: "One, two, three...three...I know I can get this...um, three."

Zachary Isaacson
Age: 27
Hair: Brown/Goatee
Eyes: Hazel
This Chicago native is a reporter for the Duquesa Bay Daily Beacon paper. When he's not playing frisbee in the park with his dog, he's shooting pool or rock climbing.
Quote: "Too cool for you"

Kylee Shepperton
Age: 27
Hair: Strawberry Blonde
Eyes: Blue
The KCON NewsCenter8 reporter and substitute anchor. A former Miss America from Alabama.
Quote: "It just feels good, it's that simple."

Jason Clark
Age: 25
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
The KCON NewsCenter8 sports reporter and a former UCLA college basketball player.
Quote: "I got this job because of my own merit, I know I did"

Austin Ortega
Age: 26
Hair: Brown with Blond Highlights
Eyes: Dark Brown
The KCON NewsCenter8 weatherman. He likes to enter dance contests.
Quote: "It's raining men, hallelujah, it's raining men, Amen!"


Capt. Craig "Crunch" Phelps
Age: 38
Hair: Light Brown/Thin Mustache
Eyes: Hazel
Captain of the United States Coast Guard cutter, "Catalina," he is a recovering alcoholic and a close buddy of his co-worker, Anita. He plays beach volleyball and has a young daughter by his ex-wife.
Quote: "What shall we do with a drunken sailor, what shall we do with a drunken sailor, what shall we do with a drunken sailor, early in the morning."

Timothy Hajanian
Age: 24
Hair: Receding Black Ponytail
Eyes: Brown
A grad student in Marine Biology, he works with the SCUBA department as a Teaching Assistant. He sculpts in his spare time and is trying to quit smoking.
Quote: "Nothing I do will ever be good enough for them."

Dr. Shelby Willis
Age: 31
Hair: Dark Dreadlocks
Eyes: Brown
A native of Tortola (British Virgin Islands), she is the co-worker of Erika and Javier. Her outside life revolves around polo, Santeria, and her young son.
Quote: "Don't give me jabbering, give me reasons."

Joseph Tiszo
Age: 70
Hair: Bald
Eyes: Dark Blue
A Central European immigrant and former Catholic priest, "Big Joe" is a chef and runs the "Quartz Lake Inn." His hobbies include tending the vineyards and playing chess.
Quote: "The time draws near."

Justine & Joenne Mirabello
Age: 24
Hair: Long Black (Justine)/Short Blonde (Joenne)
Eyes: Deep Brown (Justine)/Hazel (Joenne)
Raised by their single mother, these fraternal twins share only an apartment and a love for bowling in common. Justine is a brilliant, overachieving Assistant Coroner of Quartz County while her spirited sister is a reformed street junkie who is now an office temp worker and undercover CIA agent.
Quote: "What?" (Justine)/"Why?" (Joenne)

Amethyst Hill
Age: 22
Hair: Ash Blonde
Eyes: Light Green
Currently a manicurist/grocery checker/fortune teller, she enjoys her three cats and a colorful past.
Quote: "You never know."

Dr. Samadara Ranasinghe
Age: 31 (deceased)
Hair: Long Black
Eyes: Deep Brown
"Sammy" was Erika's mentor and one of the chief scientists at the Indian Ocean Marine Institute on Sri Lanka. A woman of mixed Tamil and Sinhalese heritage, she was ultimately killed for her knowledge of Nereidium. Now, the one remaining secret of the deep lies hidden with Darkfin.
Quote: "Look close enough at a shell and you'll see the map of eternity"

Marcy Nolan
Age: 29
Hair: Long Deep Brown
Eyes: Silver Blue
An Emmy-award winning child actress at 12 and a washed-up heroin addict at 24, Marcy's career found a second life by playing R'xal's arch nemesis, Bogree the amphibian resistance fighter in the syndicated sci-fi drama, "Sigma 7." She loves to roller blade with her Australian bartender fiancé, Ned.
Quote: "You don't know me, I don't know me, let's leave it at that."


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