Map of the Santa Conchita Valley

1. Burten State Prison
3. The Northlands Tract - high-end upper-middle class homes of Javier & Ona Rosa Sanchez, Shelby Willis, Marcy Nolan
4. Chaparral Studios, home of the TV show "Sigma 7"
5. The Cactus Field - home of Douglas Martel's AAA baseball team
6. Meer-A-Mar Corporate Building - also the home office to the Pacific Coast Oil Consortium and Ben Martel's dentist office
7. The Reredos - Santa Conchita's main shopping mall
8. Willowbrook Avenue - home to Amethyst Hill and Morrigan McBride
9. The old storefront/industrial area - Techtonic Nightclub, The Jade Gate, Brad Martel & Penny Renselier's store
10. Quartz County Air Field - small planes and private jets
11. Fiore Farms - almonds, apricots, avocados
12. Mission Santa Conchita - founded in 1784
13. Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church (predominantly working class Latino)
14. Chumash burial grounds
15. The Daily Beacon Newspaper office
16. Quartz County Municipal Complex - Seat of local government, courthouse, sheriff, jail, coroner's office, chamber of commerce, Assemblymen George Renselier's field office, the museum
17. El Presidio parklands and oil refinery
18. Saint Brendan's Catholic Church (predominantly upper-middle class white)
19. Plaza Cappella strip mall - Joenne Mirabello's dance studio, Victoria Martel's dress shop, Muldoon's Bar & Grill
20. The Del Pilar Hotel & Spa
21. The old Duquesa Bay graveyard
22. Bay Valley Medical Center - Dr. Stephanie Gates' practice
23. Central Riverbank Drive - the city's "apartment row" - homes to Zach Isaacson, Gracie Takanachi, Jason Clark, Craig Phelps, Austin Ortega, Justine & Joenne Mirabello
24. Beacon Point Estates - mansions of the von Meers, Martels, Renseliers, Gates, Henshaws
25. Jeremy Colvin's trailer park
26. The Marina - Erika von Meer's boat dock, the Bay Shore Condominums, home to Kylee Shepperton, Anita Fiore, Vicotria Martel and Tim Hajanian
27. Duquesa Bay Yacht & Polo Club
28. Santa Conchita University
29. KCON, channel 8
30. Quartz Lake Inn - golf and tennis resort along with owner Joe Tizso's vineyard and the Balaton restaurant

Quartz County, California contains the Santa Conchita Valley which is the home of four communities:

Duquesa Bay® - Population: 35,000 A combination of rich, beach front properties and a college town (Santa Conchita University).
Beacon Point is an ultra rich section of Duquesa Bay, home to approximately 1,000 people, known as the "Platinum K".
Chaparral Heights - Population: 30,000 Upper-middle class suburbia with lots of upscale strip malls and planned communities.
Santa Conchita - Population: 40,000 The oldest portion of Quartz County, Santa Conchita grew up near the Santa Conchita Mission (now a historical site). Much of the original Santa Conchita is decaying industrial areas and farm based businesses.
South Side is the most run down and low income section of the valley. It is home to abandoned factories, migrant farm workers and trendy dance clubs.
East Side edges into open farm land and is home to the remaining farm industries and farm workers.
North Side is upscale and benefits from proximity to more recently constructed Chaparral Heights.
West Side is moving more slowly upscale, offering historic and "quaint" housing for SCU students who live outside Duquesa Bay. Still mostly working class housing and apartments.
Quartz Lake - Population: 5,000 Farmland and farm community, but also home to the famous Quartz Lake Inn, a combination country club and upscale meeting place overlooking beautiful Quartz Lake. Santa Conchita Mission Historical Site is located on the western edge of Quartz Lake. The hills surrounding the scenic lake are home to a combination of older farmhand housing and more recent secluded mansions.


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