"At The Movies"

Sitting inside the semi-dark movie theater, Justine Mirabello and her sister, Joenne, await the new Julia Roberts movie. Joenne sits back with her feet up as Justine neatly unfolds a couple of napkins and places them on her and her sister's laps.

Joenne: (Watching the pre-movie ads on the screen) Why are they playing a Depeche Mode song, don't they think that would alienate the old people patrons?

Justine: (Looking around the theater) We are the old people patrons!

Joenne: (Munching on some popcorn) I don't understand why we have to be 15 minutes early all the time?

Justine: (Sipping a cherry ICEE) You want a good seat, don't you?

Joenne's cell phone goes off and she quickly answers it.

Joenne: Hello? - oh, hi... yeah, I'm hear with my sister - where? - what time? - great, whatever you want, Sweetie, I'll see you then... bye

Justine: (Rolling her eyes) Was that Marvin?

Joenne: Don't say his name like that

Justine: Like what? - do you want a French accent instead?

Joenne: I can't stand your tone of voice when you talk about him

Justine: The tone of "Marvin is a married slime with two young sons and you'll burn in hell for screwing him?"

Joenne: (Sighing into her hands) Let's not start this again - why aren't you on a date with Terrance or Zach?

Justine: Terrance took me out last night - he paid, by the way, that's a concept you should study more - and Zach is off with Gracie and that crazy new girl, Morrigan

Joenne: Why is she crazy?

Justine: She's digging into some serious shit that's probably going to land her on my slab at the morgue

Joenne: What is it?

Justine: I can't even begin to explain it

Joenne: WHAT, you think I'm too stupid to understand?

Justine: I didn't say you were stupid... irresponsible and childish, maybe

Joenne mumbles some cuss words and shifts in her seat.

Justine: By the way, Zach wanted me to tell you "way to go at Fry's" - what does that even mean?

Joenne: (Rubbing her head) You don't want to know

Justine: Yes, I want to know

Joenne: No, you don't want to know

Justine: Well, I REALLY want to know now - and if you don't tell me, Zach will tell me his version... is that what you want?

Joenne: Fine, I met Marvin in the parking lot of Fry's and... you know, we made out

Justine: (Scrunching her face up in disgust) OH MY GOD

Joenne: See, now you know

Justine: And you were right, I didn't want to know

Joenne: One way or the other, Justi, you are going to have to deal with him being my boyfriend

Justine: First, it's the prison inmate, now it's a married man - what's next, a big black hermaphrodite?

Joenne: (Semi joking) Hmm, I always say keep my options open

Justine: Your options or your hips?

Joenne: (Half smile) It was actually very cute in the car - Marvin called his ex-wife for her to talk to me... she's a shrink, you know - and she told me how he cannot find true happiness until he leaves his nasty shrew woman...

Justine: You mean, the mother of his children

Joenne: (Annoyed) Yeah, whatever - anyway, he then had to page his current wife to tell her he'd be late for dinner, right after we started kissing

Justine: ENOUGH - I have heard enough!

Joenne: You don't understand, you had to be there

Justine: Thank God I wasn't! - Jesus, Joey, you think that's CUTE? - THAT IS NOT CUTE, THAT IS INSANE

Joenne: Stop making snap judgments, Justi

Justine: You just told me you were making out in the parking lot of an electronics store with a married man who had you talking to his ex-wife on the phone while he paged his current one... HOW CAN I NOT?

Joenne: It's not like how it sounds

Justine: OH, REALLY? - and how exactly does that sound to any sensible person?

Joenne: Forget it, you will never understand

Justine: I understand perfectly - I understand he is getting off on having a virtual harem in the back seat of his mini van



There is a brief moment of tense silence as Joenne angrily throws a crumpled up napkin on the ground while Justine slurps at her drink.

Justine: I mean, Marvin is not even attractive, he looks like a washed-out hobbit

Joenne: And you're Cindy Crawford?

Justine: No, but I make up for it in brains - and my brain is telling me you deserve better

Joenne: Well, this "hobbit" brought me roses and chocolate when we met in the parking lot

Justine: HELLO, TACTICS - he's using the hearts and flowers to score with you... in a parking lot, no less - this is all a big game to him, who knows how many others he's doing this to at the same time!

Joenne: He's not

Justine: Do you know that for a fact? - STD's... the gift that keeps on giving

Joenne: (On the verge of tears) You are being so GOD DAMN MEAN about this

Justine: Do you expect me to dance with joy? - how is this different than any other time? - you laughed when I called Amy a $2.00 Street Whore for doing her married man

Joenne: This is different, we're family!

Justine: EXACTLY - I shouldn't have to couch my language with you

Joenne: There's no need to be crude or cruel

Justine: There is when the situation warrants it... please do not paint me as the villain here because I dare speak the obvious truth

Joenne: You don't know what the truth is because you don't know half of what's going on

Justine: I know the half you're telling me... a co-dependent married man with two small children who makes out with you in parking lots!

Joenne: You don't know him the way that I do

Justine: Well, that's pretty obvious - but I DO know you... you are my sister and I love you - I don't want to see you get hurt

Joenne: Stop trying to live my life for me!

Justine: Then, stop sounding like you're back in freaking high school - take a look in the mirror, Joey, you are no longer a teenager - I realize our childhood was royally fucked but you need to move past that and grow up!

Joenne: I can't believe I'm sitting here, taking this

Justine: Because, somewhere, deep inside, there's a tiny little voice agreeing with everything I'm saying - you're making me your confessor for a reason

Joenne: Forgive me, Justi, for I have sinned... I don't think so!

Justine: Are you in love with him?


Justine: Huh, well that's even worse because you're sacrificing your entire morality code for a few moments of slick clit nirvana - think about it with your brain... he has a reason for why his marriages don't work and PLEASE don't give me the bullshit routine of "his wife doesn't understand him"

Joenne: She doesn't

Justine: AAARRRGGGHHH - that's the problem with everyone today, there's always an excuse to get out of everything!

Joenne: But his is true

Justine: (Sighing into her hands) Let's try looking at it from this POV... he has two young sons who will grow up thinking that a marriage vow means nothing, that it's OK to cheat on your wife because daddy did it and that women are nothing more than disposable sex toys - is that what you want?

Joenne: No, these boys will grow up to see that their father tried several times with a marriage counselor and will be happy because he is finally happy

Justine: And if you truly believe this, you really are too far-gone into fantasyland

Joenne: You know, Justi, instead of looking at something with your constant, cold logic, try using emotion if you are even capable

Justine: OK, let's try this... if you saw me standing in the middle of the street with a Mack truck barreling right at me, would you try to save me or just stand there and smile?

Joenne: Heh, don't be asking me that right now

Justine: (Softening a bit) Look, I am sorry if I'm being a little harsh but I only want what's best for you... and this is not it

Joenne: And your relationships are so perfect?

Justine: Hardly, but I recognize the red flags much quicker now - I remember what it's like to be lonely and horny... that's what vibrators are for

Joenne: I realize you never had a problem relating to plastic but I want a live man

Justine: You're attacking me only because you know you don't have a real argument to validate your actions

Joenne: Actions that are making me happy in my life

Justine: For now... but, sooner or later, this will blow up in your face and I am trying to spare you the anguish of that - not to mention the two-hour phone calls to me whining about what a horrible mistake you made and why didn't I stop you

Joenne: Why can't you just be happy for me?

Justine: I am happy for your happiness but I cannot condone your actions - I'm sorry if I'm not being the most supportive sister in the world... but I am being the most truthful

The movie is finally about to start and the popcorn box is empty.

Joenne: (Getting up to buy some more) Your truth, Justine, not mine

Justine: Whatever, Joenne... bring me back some Red Vines!



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