"In the Bedroom"

Reclining in a hammock on her condo balcony, Kylee Shepperton looks up from reading the newspaper to gaze at the beautiful view of Duquesa Bay. Turner Gates finishes dressing and joins her there.

Turner: (Taking a deep breath) Gorgeous day, isn't it? - most unseasonable

Kylee: (Rubbing some tanning oil on her legs) I'm sure it will lead off the broadcast tonight... Austin will be thrilled

Turner: (Brushing his hair) My youngest has an interview tomorrow at Stanford, I promised the wife I'd take him

Kylee: (Going back to the paper) Do what you have to do

The KCON station manager sheepishly ambles over to her side and takes a seat on the lounge chair.

Turner: This means I'll have to cancel our dinner at the inn

Kylee: (Exaggerated Southern accent) Why, Turnie, I NEVER could have figured that out for myself - I'se so glad you took the time to explain it to little ol' me!

Turner: Don't be fresh

Kylee: (Playfully kicking him with her foot) You like me fresh

Turner: Aren't you the least bit bothered that I'm doing this to you?

Kylee: It's not a problem, I'll just find someone else to take me

With a flush in his cheeks, Turner darts up and stomps around the patio.

Turner: You are such a fucking whore

Kylee: (His comment rolls right off of her) Yes, thank you

Turner: Clusterfuck!

Kylee: Really, T, the jealousy and vulgarities are tedious and unnecessary

Turner: If it weren't for me, LeeLee, you'd be nothing - it doesn't matter how many magnums of Dom you drink, how many foreign films you see, what kind of luxury car you drive, because you will forever be trailer trash... no matter what!

Kylee throws down her newspaper and sighs.

Kylee: Let me see if I'm reading this correctly - YOU are canceling out on ME because of YOUR family business and because I don't play the part of the heartbroken mistress, YOU are lashing out at ME in hopes that... what, your ludicrous actions will goad me into doing a 180'?

Unable to formulate an intelligent response, Turner rips down the hummingbird feeder and hurls it over the ledge in anger.

Kylee: (Shrugging her shoulders) I needed to get a new one of those anyway

The phone rings a few times. The Shepperton answering machine blares a message from Griffin Martel asking for a lunch date.

Kylee: (Smug) I'm sure I could squeeze him in somewhere

Completely overwhelmed, Turner drops to his knees and begins to sob.

Kylee: Oh, for God's sake

Turner: (Crawling over by her feet) You don't... you just don't understand the pressure - I love my family very much but they don't fulfill me - thanks to the new media regulations, KCON will most likely be bought out by AOL, Fox, or Viacom by the end of the year, my bad back is getting worse by the week and all I can think about is being with you... WITH YOU, KYLEE, NO ONE ELSE

Kylee rolls her eyes as Turner wipes his.

Turner: (Softly) What I don't understand is why you can't feel the same way about me?

Kylee: You've known all along that I've never been a one-man woman - I am in the PRIME of my life and I intend to enjoy it - if you don't like it... you ought to go on home to your wife

Turner: You resent her

Kylee: Who, your wife? - PLEASE - I feel sorry for her... she's either "Mrs. Turner Gates" or "mommy" - what is HER identity?

Turner: If you were married and had children, you would understand

Kylee: Heh, right

Turner: Don't you ever want to get married?

Kylee: Maybe in ten years or so when my looks start to fade, when I'm not as... physically active - I suppose I'll finally settle down - actually more like settle, period

Turner: That's not what family is about

Kylee: You don't say? - tell me, when exactly do you have these thoughts of marital wisdom? - when your dick is up my ass or when you call your wife from my bed to tell her that you love her?

Turner scoffs and looks away.

Kylee: Someday, I might do the marriage and kids routine, have a young stud on the side - but it's nowhere near on my radar right now... society desperately wants it to be but it isn't

Turner continues to look off.

Kylee: They think all single women over the age of 30 are shallow, lonely sluts who are either screwing a married man or are gay... oh, and let's not forget that they simply MUST have something - physically or mentally - wrong with them

Turner: And none of what you just said describes you?

Kylee: Much to the disappointment of Lieutenant Fiore, I'm not a dyke - and as you can attest to, there is absolutely NOTHING physically wrong with me - mentally... nothing more than the average woman and the same goes for shallow - but, the slut/married man parts, I'll happily concede

Turner: You skipped over lonely

Kylee: Alone is not the same thing as lonely - I have plenty of friends and companions to keep myself entertained - I do not need to fill some insecurity void with a husband and children - in fact, I don't really care for children - I know that's a blasphemous statement to many but it's the truth... my truth

Turner shakes his head in disgust.

Kylee: I can't help it - when I look at babies I DON'T get all mushy inside - when we have to do a segment on the news about some boy or girl getting killed, it doesn't bother me in the least

Turner: You're... you're just obviously too immature - hopefully, one day, you'll get there

Kylee: To where YOU want me to be as opposed to where I should be?

Turner: You're not close to your family, that's where all of this is coming from

Kylee: (Playing with her hair) Yet another myth perpetuated by the media - not everyone has it or wants it - you can either waste your life mourning the absence of the "normal" Norman Rockwell fantasy or you can move past it and be grateful for the things you DO have like not starving in some third-world country

Turner: (Folding his arms) I believe your cavalier attitude is a mask

Kylee: You desperately want to believe that, don't you? - because it would spare you from the reality that an independent woman, with a healthy sexual appetite, thrives on her career and is perfectly normal doing so

The two remain silent for a few moments. Now with a much calmer demeanor, Turner leans over and begins to suckle Kylee's toes.

Kylee: (Whipping them away) Ugh, Fergie might have been into that - not me!


Before Kylee has a chance to get up and walk away, Turner sucker punches her in the stomach, taking extra care not to hit her in the face. Doubled over in pain, the young woman is unable to move as the older man drags her into the bedroom. Finally, after getting his jollies, Turner prepares to leave as a humiliated Kylee lies silent and still under the sheets.

Turner: (Fixing his tie) I don't feel sorry for you - you are a slave to your own addiction, an addiction you acquired by choice, an addiction that prompts you to serve yourself to me for the means to support it - no matter how I fuck you, I am not the villain here, I am fulfilling my own need... we both get what we want

Without a response, Gates turns to leave and is just about out the door.

Kylee: I want Morrigan's story

Turner: (Freezing) What?

Kylee: You heard me - whatever big piece she's working on now - I know McBride has one... I want it

Turner: That's... it's not your area

Kylee: You either give me her story or you walk out that door, never to set foot in here again... is that clear enough?

Turner: (Hitting the door with his palm) Unbelievable

Kylee: What's it going to be, T?

Turner: (Hesitant) I'll see what I can do

Kylee: (Watching him go) You do that, Sweetie!

The man slams the door behind him.

Kylee: I already know what you can do


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