Alicia Whitlock

Looking back on this last year, I am totally amazed you guys! It was a year full of eager dreams and cherished memories. Hopes fulfilled. Goals accomplished. A blur of young lives preparing to move beyond the beloved brick walls of Bingham High and into the challenges of adulthood. As your yearbook editor, I have had the absolute privilege of helping put together a fitting tribute that I'm sure all of you will look back upon and treasure in the coming decades. Even though it was a lot of hard work trying to trim everything into one little book, it was also a lot of fun! Couldn't have done it without you, WOO HOO. I want to take this opportunity to especially thank Mr. Calkin, our super cool advisor, Principal Jennings, the entire Bingham High faculty and staff, my family and friends, best bud Becky and Steve 4evr my love. I deeply wish everyone much happiness and success in the future! GO BADGERS.

Varsity cheerleading co-captain, ASB Vice President, SADD chief fundraiser, PTA student liaison, homecoming queen, French club, honors society, Special Olympics volunteer, "Beautify Bingham" committee chair, salutatorian.


Gracie Takanachi

And I thought having my fingers chopped off was painful! This year was, by far, the most horrific of my life. I was not asked to a single dance, game or party. Nobody at this hellhole of a school cares if I breathe, and believe me the feeling is mutual! If I weren't forced by the dean to take dumb pictures as my extracurricular activity, I wouldn't spend a penny of my parents' money for a book full of other kids having fun. I want to forget you all as soon as humanly possible! I would like to thank Soo Jung Pak, the only other Asian in my class, for being smart enough to take the valedictorian spot away from Alicia. For the rest of you, I hope you all die the worst possible death you can imagine! GO F*#@ YOURSELVES.

A/V club







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