Year One: Duquesa Bay

"Recreational Activities"

Inside a suite at the Quartz Lake Inn, Kylee Shepperton finishes her morning shower and casually wraps a mauve towel around her. Checking the clock on the nightstand, she crawls over the rumpled, queen-sized bed and grabs her ringing pink cell phone.

Kylee: Hello? - oh, hi momma - no, I'm not busy, Turner just left - it's fine, really... yes, I know - the deposit should be in the bank by this afternoon, check it then - how's Step-daddy #3? - good, good... NO, I told you I do not want to discuss him EVER, do you understand that? - look, I don't care - no, he is dead to me and has been for some time... he should be dead to you, too

Three sharp knocks are heard at the door.

Kylee: Listen, a real man is here, I need to go - love you too... ENTER

Dressed in a golf sweater and wearing an impish grin, Griffin Martel does as he is told.

Griffin: Was that a request or a command?

Kylee: (Undoing the towel) Whatever makes you come quicker

The middle Martel brother chuckles and starts to undress.

Kylee: I saw your girlfriend downstairs playing chess with Big Joe

Griffin: (Going over to the bed) I don't feel like playing chess

Kylee: (Going over to Griffin) Good

Enjoying breakfast on the Quartz Lake Inn clubhouse patio, Benjamin Martel, his wife Claudia Steel and his sister Victoria Martel get ready for a round of golf.

Claudia: (Taking a sip of orange juice) UGH

Benjamin: What's wrong, Honey? - is it rancid?

Claudia: There's no vodka in here

Victoria reaches into her handbag, pulls out a silver flask and pours some of the contents into Claudia's glass.

Claudia: (Mock smile) Thanks, Sis!

Victoria: Hey, I'm just trying to up my chances on the course today

Claudia: Then you'll need to dump the whole thing in there

Benjamin: (Looking at his gold watch) None of us will have to worry about our games today if Griffin doesn't hurry up

Victoria: It's not like Griff to be late, that's usually "Brad behavior"

Benjamin: By the way, I spoke to mom last night, he's staying with her again

Victoria: (Chomping on a piece of toast) When is that woman ever going to learn?

Claudia: (Lighting up a cigarette) She should have tied her tubes after you two

Benjamin: (Kissing his wife on the cheek) That's sweet

Victoria: (Gagging on her bacon) I'll tell you one thing, I am through pulling strings for Brad at the courthouse - the next time he's in trouble, he's on his own!

Benjamin: You can tell that to mom

Staring up at the floor of private suites, Claudia shades her eyes and squints.

Claudia: Smiley, let me see your rangefinder for a moment

Reaching into his golf bag, Dr. Martel hands his wife the instrument.

Claudia: (Peering through it and smirking) Now I know why we're going to be late for our tee time

She hands it over to her husband and directs him to the appropriate window.

Benjamin: Oh wow

Victoria: What, WHAT?

Claudia: Seems your brother is getting it on with K-CUNT

Victoria: Who?

Benjamin: (Still watching) It's her pet name for Kylee Shepperton

Victoria: Still threatened by her, eh Claw?

Claudia: That two-bit southern-fried whore DOES NOT threaten me - I am the most adored KCON anchorwoman in its history and one of the most respected in the western United States

Victoria: (Buttering a muffin) And that's why you run to get facelifts every other month to stay on the air

Claudia: Look, you fat cow, maybe if you put the pastries down, you'd finally get a real date instead of paying your bailiff to play handcuffs

Benjamin: (Popping a strawberry in his mouth) Ladies, ladies, please!

Claudia: It just pisses me off that Kylee uses her pussy instead of her brains to get ahead

Victoria: If I were you, I'd be more worried about that new girl, Morgan

Claudia: MCBRIDE? - please, no one can even pronounce her first name right

Victoria: She seems to be the center of attention lately

Claudia: That's just dumb luck

Victoria: Or good fortune

Claudia: (Lighting up another cigarette) She's a nice girl and does nice work but she doesn't have the ambition to sit in my anchor chair

Victoria: "Ambition" or a backstabbing, leg-spreading demeanor?

Claudia: She's not Kylee, that's for sure - she's very cute but not sexy like me or Shepperton - the network wants sex, not the girl next door... no matter how many crazy stories she stumbles upon

The clock tower chimes 8:00 am.


Victoria: (Throwing down her napkin) This blows!

Benjamin: (Still watching through the rangefinder) Literally

Claudia: (Snatching the instrument from his hands) Go on up there and tell your brother to move his ass

Benjamin: (Getting up) Literally

The only Martel daughter takes the rangefinder and starts to look as Claudia finishes the last of her orange juice.

Victoria: OH MY GOD

Claudia: Yes, Shepperton is quite the gymnast


Claudia: (Doing so) OOH - well, now we know how Georgie is staying in shape - that Arab man seems familiar

Victoria: He's not Arab, he's Armenian... I'm pretty sure that's Tim Hajanian from SCU

Claudia: Funny, I don't remember Greco-Roman Wrestling on the list of sports here

Victoria: Poor Lydia

Claudia: Poor Lydia? - POOR GEORGE, having to resort to balding boy toys for a little fun

Victoria: C'mon, how can you say that?

Claudia: No man wants to deal with a crippled wife

Victoria: He knew about her illness before they were married

Claudia: And she knew about him as well - she wanted a husband and a child so bad, she was willing to take on a queer

Victoria: Do you really believe that?

Claudia: It's not a belief, it's a fact - she got her "white picket fence" and he got a pretty political façade to hide behind

Victoria considers this as she drinks her coffee.

Claudia: Of course, she probably believed the "Magic Straight Fairy" would change him, make her healthy and bear them a child... instead, he humps men in park bathrooms, she hobbles around on crutches, and they end up with an adopted freak baby

Victoria: There is NOTHING wrong with Penny, she's a good, caring girl and smarter than you'll ever be

Claudia: Right, that's why she has a pierced tongue and barely passes her classes

Victoria: And your kids are doing oh-so-well

Claudia: At least I had them - what amazes me is that Lydia still has her job at the museum after the ball fiasco

Victoria: It wasn't her fault

Claudia: No, but she should've been better prepared - if it were an able-bodied person in that position, they wouldn't hesitate in showing her the door

Benjamin returns with his sheepish-looking brother in tow.

Victoria: THANK GOD, spare me from another second of Claw's conceited musings

Griffin: I apologize for being late

Claudia: Don't you mean "for being laid?"

Griffin: Good morning, Claudia, so good to see you

Benjamin: (Slinging his golf bag over his shoulder) Let's go, ladies

Inside the plush lobby of the Quartz Lake Inn, Erika engages the owner, "Big Joe" Tiszo, in a game of chess.

Joe: Your move, Vihar

Erika: (Staring out the window) Huh? - oh, right

The von Meer daughter casually moves her knight.

Joe: What concerns do you have?

Erika: What do you mean?

Joe: (Swiftly moving his piece) Checkmate

Erika: (Stunned) I didn't even see that

Joe: Obviously - there is a greater challenge going on in your mind... what has you in this altered state?

Erika: (Stirring her licorice spice tea) Nothing I can't handle

Joe: Does Griffin being here with Ms. Shepperton upset you?

Erika: (Spotting the Martels on the golf course) I didn't even know he was here... so, Riff is screwing Kylee again - I would think he'd be tired of his uncle's leftovers

Joe: (Taking a bite of his apple pancakes) Turner was just with her before Griffin arrived

Erika: (Raising an eyebrow) There's nothing like keeping the STD all in the family

Joe: Are you jealous?

Erika: Are you joking? - I am THRILLED - hopefully, he'll leave me alone now

Joe: Erika, do you really mean that?

Erika: Seriously, Joe - I do not have the time or the need for a relationship right now - Griffin has been and always will be a part of my life but not in that way

Joe: Then what has you so bothered?

Erika simply glowers at him and thinks to herself.

Joe: Or should I say whom?

Erika: Say nothing and watch me drink my tea

Joe: So, I'm right, it is a person?

Erika: Maybe... maybe more than one

Joe: Now, you are getting too kinky for me

Erika: Heh, this from a man who left the priesthood for a Parisian prostitute?

Joe: Ha, checkmate - you finally won today!

Erika: Josef... have you ever played against an opponent whose strategy and motivation were completely foreign to you and, no matter how hard you tried, you couldn't figure it out?

Joe: Hmph, I have indeed been served my badly bruised ass on a platter more than once - it is not a joyful experience

Erika: What did you do?

Joe: Learned

Erika: That was deep... and hackneyed - what did you really do?

Joe: Kicked back


Joe: Not today, you're not - you can't even beat me in chess

Erika looks down at her tea.

Joe: (Taking her hand and patting it) Look, Vihar, unless you can tell me specifics, I cannot give you any useful advice - it's not as if I can say "use this type of wrench" or "buy this brand of wine"

Erika: (Half smile) I know

Joe: You still aren't going to tell me, are you?

Erika: No

Joe: Argh

Erika: Thanks for listening, though - how about another game, this time I promise to concentrate

Joe: (Wiping his mouth) Sorry, I have to get ready for a fencing match later this morning - a new opponent - let's hope I can figure out her strategy and motivation quickly

Erika: (Winking) And what's your strategy and motivation, you old stud?

As the two snicker, both of them look up and notice the TV over the bar where Morrigan flashes on the screen with a typical morning news update. Erika and Joe are momentarily silenced by her image.

Joe: Ah, and there is my pretty new opponent now

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