Year One: Duquesa Bay

"Sand on Asphalt"

Inside the von Meer estate, everyone has left except for a few close friends and family. Joe is helping Pauline make arrangements as KJ and Ona Rosa watch from the kitchen.

Ona Rosa: (Rubbing his shoulder) You know, KJ, you should lie down and get some rest

KJ: Can't... I cannot even try to sleep right now

Ona Rosa: No one is talking about sleep

KJ: I need to be here for my mom

Ona Rosa: Joe is helping her and I'll do anything she asks

KJ: Thank you, Oni

The two linger in a long hug.

Ona Rosa: (Suddenly stepping away) Um... I was watching the news

KJ: I suppose they're looking for an official family statement about dad?

Ona Rosa: Um... yes - but I was watching it for Morrigan


Ona Rosa: No... not yet

KJ: (Slamming his fist against the wall) GOD DAMMIT - this is all just too insane - my girlfriend is being hunted by cops, my father...

He goes to wipe the tears from his eyes.

Ona Rosa: (Handing him a tissue) I know

KJ: Oh, and judging by the broken dishes and crooked pictures in the house, we had a nice little quake to go along with everything else

Ona Rosa: It only caused minor damage

KJ: And your sister... dear God, she nearly died in a helicopter crash!

Ona Rosa: 'Nita is strong - it will take a lot more than that to bring her down

KJ: Why are you here?

Ona Rosa: What?

KJ: Why are you here with me instead of at home with your family... your kids... Javier?

As she stumbles around for an answer, he moves closer to her.

KJ: It means everything that you wanted to be here with me

Ona Rosa: (Trying to avoid eye contact) I just wanted to help

KJ: You are

He bends in to kiss her on the lips. She hesitates at first but allows it to happen. A second one follows in which Oni equally participates in.

Ona Rosa: (Pulling back) No...

KJ: But...

Ona Rosa: My children need me... I've got to go

KJ: Oni, wait!

She runs out of the house and KJ quickly follows. He is nearly knocked over in the driveway by Griffin in his car.



KJ: I can't leave mom at a time like this

Griffin: (Watching Ona Rosa take off) Looks like you were about to do just that

KJ reluctantly gets in the passenger seat.

KJ: Where are we going?

Griffin: To work

KJ: Are you serious? - I have to stay here and...

Griffin: And what? - stand around and mourn? - I really am sorry about your father but the time for being your own man begins right now

KJ: You should talk

Griffin: Hey, I am the only one looking out for ALL of our interests - do you see your sister around?

KJ: She's not back with your mom yet?

Griffin: I don't know where they went, besides, that's the least of our concerns - we have a critical PCOC board meeting and YOU need to be there

KJ: Dude, that's always been your call - why do you need me there?

Griffin: Because your father had a say in it as well - remember, "Meeramar" as in "von Meer" AND "Martel"... or, you could just sell us your family's half of the company and we'll gladly change it to "Martel Shipping"

KJ: Old Doug would just love that, wouldn't he?

Griffin: Yes, my father certainly would - I'm sure that's his primary goal right now

KJ: Then why are you trying to help us?

The two look at each other.

KJ: (Shaking his head) Look, I don't want to be some fucking chess piece between your hatred for your dad and your love for my sister

Griffin: This isn't about them - it's about having allies I can trust to back me up when the time comes

KJ: What the hell are you talking about? - what time? - you make it sound like we're going to war

Griffin: That's what business is - you're a lawyer, you should know this!

KJ: Ugh... I am sorry, I'm trying to deal with all different emotions right now, I can't think straight

Griffin: YOU NEED TO DO SO - granted, I am the one being groomed to take over the business, and rightfully so, but I want you to be the one representing the von Meers

KJ: My sister is better for this - dad thought so and I thought you did too?

Griffin: She is a scientist, first and foremost - she sees things in black and white - all environmental issues wouldn't stand a chance against her

KJ: Oh, I see - I'm just some dumbass meat puppet you can easily control to help you rape nature, is that it?

Griffin: THAT IS NOT IT AT ALL - YOU ARE MISSING THE POINT - your background in law allows you to see all possibilities, we are going to need that in the months ahead


Griffin: You're about to find out, my friend

Moments later, the two pull into the corporate parking structure and head for the main building. KJ hesitates as they walk towards the executive boardroom.

KJ: I'm not sure I'm up to this

Griffin: Your sister isn't here - your father is dead - your mother... please - do you want to call in your cousins from back east to take over?

KJ: No

Griffin: A real man shines greatest in moments of true adversity - you have your father's name... don't you think it's time you lived up to it?

The two walk in to a large, darkened room with several non-PCOC maps and charts highlighting the walls.

KJ: (Swallowing hard as he looks around) I take it this isn't a meeting about switching from winter to summer blends of gas?

After a long moment of silence in the Quartz Lake Inn wine cellar, Morrigan breaks the hug and starts to question Erika.

Morrigan: I... I don't understand - what's going on with your dad?

Erika: Someone tried to poison him

Morrigan: Who?

Erika: I have every intention of finding out

Morrigan: Why did you bring him here?

Erika: It was the only safe place Stephanie and I could think of

Morrigan: How did Hector Tapia become involved?

Erika: Are the "when" and "where" questions next?

Morrigan: I'm sorry

Erika: You never stop being a reporter, do you?

Morrigan: Do you ever stop being a scientist?

Erika: (Looking away) On occasion

Morrigan: Well, you'll have to show me sometime

Erika stifles a laugh to herself.

Morrigan: Does KJ know he's alive?

Erika: No... and neither does my mother - they can't

Morrigan: You can't even trust your own family?

Erika: The less people who know means whoever did this can't try it again

Morrigan: The anguish they must be going through!

Erika: My father is still very critical - I don't want them to go through his death twice

Morrigan reaches out a hand of comfort to Erika but the von Meer daughter rigidly refuses it.

Erika: (Noticing Morrigan's bandage) What happened to your foot?

Morrigan: Just a cut

Erika: Let me see

Morrigan: (Backing away) IT'S FINE

Erika: I don't want it to get infected

Morrigan: Am... a friend took care of it - I need to leave

Erika: Where are you going to go?

Morrigan: I don't know, but I can't stay here and risk the police finding me AND your father

Erika: We're going to put him in a suite here - Joe will keep quiet, no one will know

Morrigan: That's great but...

Erika: We can put you in an adjoining suite - you can look after him for us!

Morrigan: I don't know

Erika: No, this is perfect - Steph needs to go back to work, Hector wants out ASAP, Joe can't watch him every second and it will give me a chance to find out what's going on

Morrigan: Are you sure?

Erika: Knowing exactly where both of you are and that you're safe will be a huge comfort to me

Morrigan raises an eyebrow.

Erika: On behalf of my brother

Morrigan: Of course

Erika: Steph and I will show you what to do - you simply stay in the room, Joe will take care of everything until we figure out what the next move is

Morrigan: You know, just in case you missed the APB, I am wanted for murder - you're still willing to trust me with your dad?

Erika: I know you didn't kill that priest - I couldn't have asked for a better person to take care of my father right now

Morrigan: Thank you... that means a lot

Erika: I'm just stating the obvious

Morrigan: I... have a friend that's helping me - I wonder if she'll she be able to find me?

Erika: Don't worry, I'm sure she will

After searching all over town for her sister, an exhausted Justine returns to her apartment. A nervous Joenne cocks a submachine gun at her head as she walks in.

Justine: JESUS, JOIE

Joenne: (Putting down the weapon) Thank God it's you!


Joenne: No time... help me pack

Justine: PACK?

Joenne: (Throwing stuff in boxes) I've seen too much, I need to go

Justine: Go where? - I have been looking for you all night and day - Zach has been searching for Gracie - do you know where she is? - how exactly are you involved with Morrigan's mess?

Joenne: McBride is just an aspect to it - I can't tell you anymore right now

Justine: (Wagging her finger) You BETTER tell me more because this is complete bullsh...

Joenne: (Covering her mouth) You are my sister and I love you - I know how much you want to be married with children someday, that's why I want you to be safe - and why I have to leave at once

Justine: It's too late for that - I know all about the creature known as "Father Greg"

Joenne: What are you talking about?

Justine: A-HA... I'll tell you my story IF you tell me yours!

Joenne: This is NOT a game, Justi!

Justine: Seems like a VERY big game to me - you can start off by explaining why a temp secretary like you possesses a massive assault weapon?

A large thud is heard outside of the door.

Joenne: (Pulling her sister) WE'VE GOT TO GET OUT OF HERE, NOW

Walking along the bustling Duquesa Bay marina, Marcy chatters endlessly while Anita half-heartedly nibbles at an ice-cream cone.

Marcy: So, Tamarah calls me up the other day - she's a make-up artist whose brother I helped get a crew job on Sig7 - we've all been friends for years...

Anita: That's nice

Marcy: Anyway, she keeps me on the phone for TWO hours complaining about how she can't find a decent man

Anita: (Scuffing her sandals) Uh-huh

Marcy: I'm like DUH - get the hell out of LA and what does she do? - Anita, are you listening?

Anita: Listening, yes - caring, no

Marcy: Well, TRY... for my sake

Anita: OK, what does she do?


Anita: (Shrugging her shoulders) And?

Marcy: AND? - COME ON, the only thing men in both LA and NYC care about are who they can screw in business and in the bedroom

Anita: And this comes from personal knowledge?

Marcy: It's like sand on asphalt - it looks secure but when you go to step on it, you end up flat on your ass

Anita: With your legs spread wide open?

Marcy: Stop it

A couple of young fans spot Marcy and run over for autographs. She reluctantly obliges and they walk off in smiles. A buff guy in trendy shades and on roller blades whizzes by the two women and whistles his appreciation at the attractive actress.

Anita: Funny... you have yet to sign my cast

Marcy: (Winking) I gave you my personal autograph elsewhere

The guy on roller blades now circles back.


Marcy: Thank you! - now, where was I... OH, so I tell Tamarah that the only people these men are capable of loving are themselves - if she wants the Holly Hobbie Good Housekeeping life, I told her to try some mid-western shit state like Duluth

Anita: Duluth is a city, not a state

Marcy: You seem very uppity today, why?

Anita: Nothing more sex wouldn't cure

The guy circles back again.


Anita: SON OF A...

Marcy: Just ignore him, it's par for the course - we'll take care of the sex part later, why don't you try talking to me about what's going on with you instead hiding behind this passive aggressive behavior?

Anita: FINE - I get blown out of the sky last night and a mermaid saves me from an evil band of hooded terrorists - HAPPY NOW?

Marcy: WOW - what pharmaceutical are you flipped on?

Anita: Why, want some?

Marcy: You know about my past - that's an extremely low shot, even for you!

Anita: Sorry... I'm really tired - tired of trying to fight something I don't understand - tired of me and my CO getting suspended for something we had no control over - tired of my loco family and the drama that goes with them - tired of trying to separate myth from reality - tired of fucking you for hours and then helping you pick out new swim trunks for Ned - I'm tired of your het privilege while I'm the one who endures the hate taunts - I'm tired of the chunks of cookie dough in this ice cream...

The guy on roller blades returns for another pass at the two. This time, Anita throws one solid punch with her cast-enforced arm into his stomach. The guy is sent flying back and crumples down to the pavement, trying to catch his breath.

Anita: (Grabbing her wrist) And I am REALLY tired of him!



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