Year One: Duquesa Bay


A private jet makes its final approach over Sacramento. The pilot struggles to regain control of the airplane as its passengers are tossed around like ragdolls.


George is thrown across the cabin and slams up against the floor as the aircraft is now upside down and drops 5,000 feet in ten seconds. Lydia screams as her cane goes flying and smacks a floating Penelope in the face.

Lydia: (Screaming) OH GOD, SAVE US, SAVE US

The jet veers in the opposite direction and shifts on its side. George's head is bloodied from the hit.

George: This... should not... be happening

The airplane momentarily steadies itself and returns to a normal position.


George looks to their unresponsive daughter across the way.


George staggers over to Lydia's side and helps her with her seatbelt.

Lydia: (Crying) Your head

George: I'm fine... Penny!

The representative stumbles over debris clogging up the aisle in a desperate attempt to reach his daughter. All engines suddenly cease and the jet drops into another death spiral.

George: (Pinned against the back wall) I... love you... Penny

Lydia screams. Everything goes dark.

George: (Gasping) Tim

Minutes later, George squints his eyes open. He peers around and realizes that the jet did not crash and that he's safely on the ground.

George: (Taking a deep breath) Wh... what the...

Lydia's soft sobbing causes him to jump up.

George: (Touching his head) Ahh

Lydia: George

George: I'm here... PENELOPE

He spots his lifeless daughter on the other side of the plane and races over.


Lydia: George, I think I broke my leg - I... I can't walk!


The fierceness of the tone stuns them both. George now cradles Penelope in his arms.

George: (Weeping) Please, not my little girl - TAKE ME, TAKE ME INSTEAD

The shaken pilot and co-pilot now appear before George.

Pilot: Emergencies crews are on the tarmac, they'll be here soon

George: (Rocking Penny) Thank you... thank you both for getting us down safely

The pilot and co-pilot share a look and then offer a dazed shrug.

Pilot: We didn't do a damn thing, Mr. Renselier... we have no idea how this aircraft landed

George: I'm sorry?

Co-pilot: We blacked out... we all should be dead right now

Penny suddenly sucks in a huge gulp of air and sits straight up.

George: (Releasing her) PENNY

Penelope: I knew we would have been better off back home

The pilots back away in fear as George stares at her in shock. Penelope's eyes are glowing a deep blue as she turns to Lydia.

Penelope: Isn't that right, mother?

Tim fetches the black rucksack and hurries back towards the Jeep. Erika runs over to the bathroom door while grabbing on some clothes as quick as she can.

Erika: (Whispering) Morrigan, can you hear me?

Morrigan: Yeah, what's going on out there?

Erika: Our ride has just arrived

Morrigan: Do you want me to come out?

Erika: No, not yet - carefully open the bathroom window and listen for my whistle - when you hear it, go find some clothes and a hat, and then get ready to leave - got it?

Morrigan: Okay

With the utmost stealth, Erika makes her way outside and sneaks up behind Tim. She flips the hunting knife around and uses the heavy butt to knock him on the back of the neck. Tim instantly collapses to the ground.

Erika: (Taking the car keys and his sunglasses) So sorry to do this to you, Timothy, but I do not have a choice

She grabs under his arms and drags him back to the cabin porch. She quickly takes off his clothes and leaves him on the swing in the black silk robe.

Erika: I must say, you could not have come at a better time

She checks his vitals and his eyes to make sure she didn't hit him too hard.

Erika: Do not worry, I will take good care of your Jeep and I will make all of this up to you... I promise

She covers him with the blanket so Morrigan can't see. Erika now puts the parka back on and whistles.

Morrigan: I heard that!

Morrigan darts out of the bathroom, gets dressed, grabs a box of crackers and some water for the road, and runs outside.

Morrigan: (Noticing the lump under the blanket) Who is that?

Erika: (Deepening her voice) Nevermind, get in the back of the Jeep and crouch down as much as possible


Erika: NO, now go!

Morrigan runs over to the Jeep and climbs inside. Erika quickly checks around and follows behind.

Erika: (Starting the engine) We are most fortunate to have a way out of here - unfortunately, this vehicle has no cover

Morrigan: Beggars can't be choosers

Erika: We will appear odd with our clothing and I cannot take the chance of anyone identifying you

Morrigan: Look, I'm crouching down as much as I can with this stupid bulky bag in the way

Erika: (Flooring it) Find a way to compensate - hang tight, we need to go off-road because of our earlier visitor

Morrigan: (Preparing to dump Tim's bag) Slow down for a sec so I can toss this thing...HOLY HELL

Erika: (Slamming on the breaks) What?

Morrigan: (Holding the bag open) Lookie what's inside!

Erika: (Stunned) My my, I wonder what he was doing with this?

Morrigan: Who?

Erika: Unless it belongs to his brother, Geoff

Morrigan: WHO IS GEOFF?

Erika: Nevermind - do not dump this, it might come in handy for us later on

Morrigan: Um, handy if we want even MORE trouble

Erika spots one of the sheriff's cars on the upper road.

Erika: (Killing the engine) Speaking of which...

The two remain still as the it passes.

Erika: Once the pests leave, it will be a straight shot along the riverbank - everyone is too preoccupied with the volcano to notice us

Morrigan: Hope you're right

They start up again and travel on. Morrigan spots the phone in the front seat.

Morrigan: Hey, that's a satellite phone

Erika: So it is

Morrigan: (Reaching for it) I want to make one quick call...

Erika snatches the phone away.

Erika: NO

Morrigan: WHY?

Erika: We cannot have anyone knowing that you are still in town

Morrigan: What about still alive? - a lot of people think I'm dead

Erika: Even better

Morrigan: My dad...

Erika: (Thinking of her own) I know... but it is not safe for you yet - give it more time

Morrigan sighs and rubs her eyes.

Morrigan: Fine... so, where are we going? - the undersea Bat Cave?

Erika: No

Morrigan: Up north?

Erika: Home

Morrigan: Home? - I thought you said we weren't going to your place?

Erika: I am taking you home, your home on Willowbrook


Erika: The city has been evacuated, no one will suspect that you have returned


Erika: Keep the shades drawn and try not to make too much noise


Erika: She should not be an issue


Erika: Please stop using that particular obscenity

Morrigan: Well, what do you want me to say except NOOOOOOOOOO

Erika: You have heard the words 'keep your friends close and your enemies closer'

Morrigan: Pardon me for not wanting to share zucchini bread with someone who willingly offered me up to her crew of loonies!

Erika: If Amethyst wanted you dead, she would have killed you long ago

Morrigan: (Thinking) Well, she did try to save Zach... Tallulah always liked Amy and... NO NO NO, NOOOOO

Erika: Do not fear her for you are vastly more powerful than she is - The Clergy knows this and she will not go after you

Morrigan: Ya think? - 'cause I'm thinking my duplicitous landlord will invite her hood pals over for a backyard blowout starring me as the pale-faced piñata!

Erika: You actually have more color in your cheeks since the incident


Erika: You need to stay on land... and you need a link to The Clergy, Amethyst is that link - find a way to use her as she has used you

Morrigan: (Sighing) I just don't think I'm going to be very safe

Erika: You will

Morrigan: And you know this... HOW?

Erika: Instinct tells me so

Morrigan: Oh well, I totally feel reassured now

Erika: I will check up on you frequently

Morrigan: I think you need to do more than check up on me

Erika: Such as?

Morrigan: You could, you know, maybe bring chocolate? - helps the nerves

Erika: We shall see

Morrigan: Will you be back to your green self soon?

Erika: Hopefully

Morrigan: Will I ever get to see the real you again?

Erika: Hopefully not

Later that afternoon, Zach sits along on the beach and watches the incoming waves. Gracie makes her way towards him and deliberately keeps her distance.

Gracie: I finally got a hold of Turner and told him the newsvan was swiped - I didn't tell him it was Justine because I'm hoping she ditched it by now

Zach: I'm hoping she found Joenne

Gracie: Kylee is getting a ride from the cook... and he's driving her home later

The joke does not tempt Zach.

Gracie: Ooookaaay

Gracie sits down on the sand near him but still at arm's length.

Gracie: Just to be clear, are we going to talk about what happened earlier or are we going to pretend that it didn't happen?

Zach: I'm leaning towards the latter

Gracie: The huge bruise on my ass begs to differ

This causes Isaacson to cackle like a hyena and bury his face in his hands.

Gracie: I'm glad you think shoving your friend into furniture... cheap, hideous furniture is funny

Zach: It's not funny... it's payback

Gracie: EXCUSE ME?

Zach: Not for you, for me

Gracie: (Shaking her head) I am really lingering in a WTF fog right now - you need to clarify

Zach: Gillian Reuther

Gracie: Gillian Who Her?

Zach: Ruether... my first real girlfriend

Gracie: Again with the fog, but this time, there's a cold breeze blowing with it

Zach: What happened to me was payback for the way I treated Gillian Ruether and every other mean, nasty, deceitful, dishonest, obnoxious, wrong thing I have ever done in my life

Gracie: What have you been smoking, besides the soot in the air? - I'm going to let you ramble on and, hopefully, I can piece it together after another cup of coffee

Zach gets up and starts walking along the shore. Gracie reluctantly trails behind.

Zach: Back in high school, I wasn't rich, good looking, or a jock...

Gracie: No shit?

Zach: Because of that, there was a limited dating pool for me to choose from and getting laid was the only real objective

Gracie: Mine was to sleep through my classes without getting detention

Zach: Grace - can I focus on my story please?

Gracie motions for him to go on.

Zach: Gillian... Gill was the lead clarinet player in the band - I played trombone...

Gracie: Trom BONE... heh heh heh, sorry

Zach: She was smart and kind but was also this huge, frumpy cow

Gracie: Well, you know, we all can't look like Princess Fucking Barbie!

Zach: I know... well, I know now - anyway, no one really wanted to hang out with her - on her band jacket, the "G" wore off for some reason and she walked around with "ill" over her pocket

Gracie: COOL

Zach: NOT COOL, why the hell didn't she fix it?

Gracie: Maybe she didn't think it needed fixing?

Zach: Whatever - it was now my senior year and I had yet to, you know, fuck someone besides myself and half a watermelon

Gracie: EWW


Gracie: You have just ruined Midori for me forever

Zach: I knew I had to get some action before the other guys got on my case - we had a bunch of classes together and she was always trying to talk to me - one day, I decided to talk back

Gracie: How oh so very magnanimous of you

Zach: My older cousin told me that if I took her out for pizza, she'd probably give it up

Gracie: All you guys are such pigs... but it totally worked, didn't it?

Zach: Like a charm - who knew anchovies were such an aphrodisiac?

Gracie raises her hand and winks.

Zach: It was her first time as well - that was a bigger score for me than my Pac-Man high

Gracie: Ooh

Zach: But I didn't give a shit about Gill... I said what I needed to say to get me some action and to brag to the other guys about cherry popping - meanwhile, she's making me homemade Valentines and buying me clothes and meals - all the things I thought I was supposed to do for a girlfriend... was she really that desperate?

Gracie: (Growling) Maybe she was just trying to be nice, asshole

Zach: We went together for almost a year - she would always have these bridal magazines with the pages highlighted and she talked about getting a Golden Retriever

Gracie: She already had one dog, guess she wanted a smarter one

Zach: (Ignoring the dig) I was totally like 'yeah, yeah, whatever makes you happy, babe, now suck my dick'... and she'd swallow, too

#Gracie goes to say something but bites her lip.

Zach: By the time I got to college and filled out more, all of the sudden, there were these horny gorgeous girls who would get drunk and do any guy with a pulse!

Gracie: Yep, I remember those days... vaguely

Zach: I actually had a girl who was a Miss Hawaiian Tropic contestant - can you believe that?

Gracie: Huh, she must've been really wasted

Zach: One weekend, Gill surprised me with a visit and saw me with this girl - I was like "Gill who?"

Gracie: Um, yes, that was a sleazy lowball thing to do but I'm still waiting for the strangling kittens part - seriously, Zach, why are you beating yourself up over this now?

Zach: I haven't finished...

Gracie: Go on, go on

Zach: I took glee in verbally assaulting her - she was a huge reminder of what I was before and I was pissed beyond belief that she dare show up in my new life, in front of my new girl, with her hokey homemade cupcakes and her pathetic I LUV U teddy bear - and I told her so

Gracie: Okay, the heartless dirtbag part is starting to shine now

Zach: I screamed so everyone in earshot could hear what an ugly, hairy, walrus she was - I told her that I was just using her for sex and it wasn't even good sex - and, unless she did a complete body transplant, no one would ever love her no matter how many stupid Valentines she made!

Gracie: (Wiping a tear) You win, Eyes... you are indeed one world class piece of sleaze!

Zach sinks back down to the sand and sighs.

Zach: Still not done

Gracie: GOOD GOD - what else?

Zach: Gill... went back home and hung herself

Gracie recoils and dry heaves.

Zach: That's the ultimate power, isn't it? - the power to talk someone else into committing suicide?

Gracie can't hold back the sobs.

Zach: I'm worse than fucking Hitler... and all because I couldn't accept Gill for who she really was - yes, I am that horrifically shallow - all those feel-good lines about loving someone for who they are, not what they look like... sorry, it's bullshit to me

Gracie: (Wiping her nose) You... SO need to stop talking

Zach: It's like... it's like finally having Kylee but then having to settle for you

Unable to contain herself, Gracie swings around and wallops Zach on the side of the head.


Zach slumps in the sand and whimpers.

Zach: Gracie

Gracie: (Walking away) I CAN'T BE AROUND YOU ANYMORE


Gracie reaches in her pocket and hurls some change right at Zach's face.

Gracie: Call someone to come get you, Isaacson, because I don't ever EVER want to see you again!


Gracie freezes in her tracks.

Zach: I was gang raped



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