of Duquessa Bay

Year Three, Chapter Seventeen

"Water Whirled"

Thunder. Lightning. Rain. All ferociously blast the Meeramar tanker. Winds ripple the large poster of Karl von Meer, finally shredding it in half. With everyone scrambling for cover, KJ helps Erika to her feet.

KJ: You okay, sis?

Erika: Something hit us...

KJ: Yeah, a freak storm no one warned us about

Erika: No — from underneath

Panic breaks out amongst the mourners as large waves crash over the sides. Sensing danger, Craig does his best to control the situation.


A sobbing and shaking Ursula Martel clutches Craig by the arm and hugs him.

Ursula: Craigie, this is not good — this is worse than any special effect mishap I've been through — please get us out of here

Craig: (Trying to remain professional) Help is on the way, Mrs. Martel - please keep cool and remain with the others

Ursula: (Stomping off) SCREW YOU

No one is listening to Craig. Hundreds of screaming people try to jam the narrow passageway. The governor and a few dignitaries try to muscle ahead of everyone. Craig pushes him back.

Craig: Women and children first — unless you're a girly man

The governor reluctantly lets the others pass as Ben and Claudia pull their son and daughter by the arms.

Claudia: (To Ben) You and your bright idea of bringing the children to a funeral

Ben: But they wanted to come on the ship — and I didn't want to shield them from death

A towering wave crashes overhead and rocks the entire vessel.

Claudia: Well, you're doing a damn good job!

Kayla: Mother

Claudia: Not now, just keep moving

Kayla: But mother...

Claudia: For Christ's sake, Kayla, can't you see the trouble we're in?

Kayla: Where's Hannah?

The ship's first officer hurries by the dumbstruck family and catches up to Craig.

Officer: (Discreetly) There isn't enough room for everyone below deck — some will have to stay up here

Craig: (Wiping the water off of his face) Are you out of your mind? — if those waves get any higher, we're going to be swept away like ants

Officer: I'm afraid that's not the worst of it... there's a gash below the bow, we're taking on heavy water

Craig's face drops.

Officer: How long before your Coast Guard boys get here?

Craig: In these conditions... 15 — 18 minutes tops

Officer: (Biting his lip) We're lucky if we have four

Stepping out of her minivan and into torrential rains, Ona Rosa rushes across the Our Lady of Guadalupe parking lot and into the church. Inside, she briskly wipes her face with a tissue and then promptly dips her fingers into a holy water font before making the sign of the cross.

Ona Rosa: Amen

Alone and in silence, Javier's wife makes her way to a statue of the Virgin Mary and kneels before it.

Ona Rosa: (Lighting a candle) Forgive me, Blessed Mother, for this is the only place I feel safe — the only place I can think freely

The lightning flashes intensify the already brilliant colors of the stained glass. The echoes of thunder boom through the empty pews.

Ona Rosa: I cannot go with this to my family... my husband

The winds howl through the trees and the roof.

Ona Rosa: I beg your forgiveness for such dark thoughts and darker actions...

As Ona Rosa takes out her rosary beads and begins to pray, she does not notice the side door open. A gust of wind extinguishes her candle.

Ona Rosa: ‘til the hour of our death... amen

Footsteps approach her from behind. The sound causes Ona Rosa to drop the beads and jump up.

Ona Rosa: (Turning around) Is someone there?

Mrs. Sanchez scans all around. Nothing. She creeps down the aisle and takes a seat in the back row. Certain she is once again alone, Ona Rosa collects her thoughts and starts to pray.

Ona Rosa: Our Father...

Cold air creeps across her feet. Vapors of frosty breath hover over her shoulder.

Voice: Sed libera nos a malo...

Before Ona Rosa can respond, her rosary beads slip around her neck and tighten.

At the Fiore farmhouse, Carmen is in the kitchen preparing dinner. She pauses for a moment and heads for the family room. She removes a loose brick from the fireplace and takes out a small, ornate wooden box.

Carmen: Oh mija, I do not know if you are ready to handle this...

She slowly opens the box and sighs. Anita's bracelet continues to glow.

Frank: Carmie!

Carmen quickly shuts the box and stashes it just as Frank and Hector walk in the back door.

Frank: I can smell the tamales down the road, let's eat!

Carmen: Shh — nietos!

Hector: (Taking off his jacket) The grandkids are here?

Carmen: They're taking a nap before dinner

Frank: Where's my Rosa?

Carmen: At church, she's saying a rosary for KJ's father

Hector: That's right — Stephi mentioned the... service was today

Carmen: Ay, Stephie? — please, Hector, tell me you are not involved with that bruja again?

Hector says nothing and heads for the kitchen.

Carmen: (Following him) Are you?

Frank: (Following her) Wait a minute — why wasn't my daughter invited to pay her respects in person? — she's a close colleague of von Meer...

Hector: (Opening the refrigerator) Cerveza, Francis?

Frank: (Angry) How dare they think Ona Rosa is not good enough to attend their fancy functions!

Hector: It's a funeral for crying out loud!

Carmen: Both of you, lower your voice

Frank slams his cane down on the kitchen table and takes a seat. Hector deposits a beer in front of him and takes another seat.

Frank: (Opening his beverage) I'm tired of those Beacon Point snobs always looking down their noses at us — who the hell do they think they are?

Hector: This valley's gentry... who can and will get away with murder

Frank: They're fucking assholes — that's who they are

Carmen shakes her head and prepares to serve dinner.

Hector: What... the proper term is what they are — an asshole is technically a what, not a who

Frank: Oh, I see, you think if you talk like them they'll let you join their inner circle? — that's bullshit, dear brother-in-law - you will always be a wetback to them, no matter how many times you fuck their women

Carmen: (Slamming her hand down on the table) FRANCIS FIORE, THAT IS ENOUGH — I will NOT have this talk in my kitchen, I will NOT have this talk in my house

Frank: It's my house too and I can talk any damn way I choose

Hector: He's right, sis — if he wants to talk like an ignorant gutter rat, that is his choice — some of us want to better ourselves and he can't deal with it

Frank: Better than what? — Javier is so busy trying to be something he's not, he forgets about his own wife and children

Carmen: Javier is an important man

Frank: Apparently not important enough or his WIFE would be on that SHIP with all the other ice cubes who think they shit gold — or is it what they shit gold?

Hector chuckles into his beer.

Frank: If anything, those pricks should be spit-shining our shadows — our families have been in this valley for over two-hundred years

Carmen sets the table. Frank grabs a hot roll and stuffs it into his mouth.

Frank: Honey, could you bring me the butter? — my great grandfather...

Hector: Was an Italian galley cook on a Spanish trading ship — yes, we all know the story

Frank: Whatever he did, he did it well — all he had to work with was a tiny plot of land and one olive tree — now look at this place...

Carmen mutters something under her breath.

Frank: Almonds, walnuts, pistachios — when the people of Santa Conchita think of nuts, they think of our family!

Hector winks and raises his drink in toast.

Frank: I gotta go take a piss

Frank struggles to his feet, grabs his cane and hobbles out of the room.

Carmen: On your way, please turn the porch light on — Anita is supposed to be dropping by soon

Frank: (Calling back) Don't even get me started on that one — KIDS, wake up and go get your dinner!

Carmen glares at her brother until he gets the hint and helps her with the rest of the table.

Carmen: You didn't answer me earlier...

Hector: There's not much to say

Carmen: There is if Stephanie Gates, the ex Mrs. Martel, is back in your life

Hector: I'm just helping out a friend, that's all

Carmen: Mm-hmm...

Carmen goes over to a stack of old newspapers in the corner and finds one with an article about the Renselier jet almost crashing. There is a stock photo of George, Lydia, and Penelope.

Carmen: (Holding it up) A true miracle

Hector: (Looking away) They hit some turbulence, no big deal

Carmen: By the grace of God they survived... but we know better, don't we, Hector?

Hector: Listen, before Frank gets back, we need to talk

Carmen: Fine, change the subject if you want

Hector: We inspected all of the fields today — nearly two-thirds of them are damaged or destroyed

Carmen: We've been through bad seasons before

Hector: This is more than a season - it will take years, maybe even decades, to get back to our normal harvests

Carmen: Ona Rosa gave us the paperwork for a disaster loan

Hector gets in his sister's face and lowers his voice.

Hector: A government band-aid is not going to help a gaping chest wound — your husband refuses to see it, please don't go burying your head in the soot as well

Carmen: (Pushing him back) And what exactly do you suggest we do?

Hector: Keep the house and a few acres but sell the rest

Carmen: Are you loco en la cabeza? — you just said yourself that the fields are damaged

Hector: The land still has plenty of value — the demand for condos and houses in this valley continues to skyrocket

Carmen: No, no, no — I am not listening to this!

Hector: Hermana — look in the mirror — you are no longer a young girl, your husband is half a man and your two daughters are not interested in the farm as a full-time job and life...

Frank and the grandchildren are clopping down the stairs. Carmen gets up to pour herself a glass of water.

Hector: (Softly) Just think about what I said

Frank: (To the kids) No one touches the tamales until I touch them first!

Carmen suddenly drops the glass and grabs around her neck. It shatters on the floor as she screams.

Carmen: ONI

Inside the penthouse suite at the Del Pilar, Anita works out furiously on an elliptical as she watches the rain sheet against the glass windows. Marcy, wearing a skimpy silk robe, strolls over with a cold bottle of water and pecks Anita on the cheek.

Marcy: Don't you have to be at your folks' place?

Anita: I keep finding excuses not to go

Anita stops her workout and playfully pulls open Marcy's robe.

Anita: Yet another one

Marcy chuckles as she flops on the sofa.

Marcy: Yeah, let's enjoy it while we can — I just spoke to one of the Sig 7 producers, it's not good

Anita: (Toweling off) I know — I flew over the cinders of what used to be R'xal's moon palace — not very palatial

Marcy: He said we have enough episodes in the can for the next month or two but we'll have to find a new location to shoot the rest of the season — there's talk of Vancouver... even Australia

Anita: Cool

Marcy: (Hurt) Cool?

Anita: Sounds perfect, I'll go with you

Marcy: What?

Anita: Too many bad things have been going on around here the last few years, it will be a nice change of pace

Marcy: But how can you? — your Coast Guard duties...

Anita: (Holding up her arm cast) One swift blow against a granite countertop and this becomes a permanent disability — I doubt they'd want me to fly one of their precious birds with one hand

Marcy: (Stunned) Why... would you do that?

Anita: Let's just say I'm no longer feeling the love for the uniform — they want us to work triple the amount since 9/11 yet do it with half the funds...

Anita starts to pace as the lights flicker with the storm.

Anita: And I'm sure as hell not feeling the love for this country — why should I risk my life when I'm despised for who I am? — it was hard enough being pissed on for being the poor Latina farmer's daughter, now I get dumb fucks like Lieutenant Vesner throwing their "moral values" shit in my face on a daily basis, but this cocksucker went through three wives, had two illegitimate kids, snorted blow off the asses of Cambodian whores - YET, YET - he's "better" than I am because he's born again — FUCK THAT — let the chief chimp sacrifice good old V's blood for the land, I am done!

Marcy: Babe, calm down

Anita: Yeah, calm down, that's what they want us to do, calm down, shut up, get back in the closet, hide behind some prop boyfriend...

Marcy: Ouch

Anita chugs her water, goes over to the sofa, and flops next to Marcy.

Marcy: Unfortunately, your side... our side... assumed a bunch of asexual dancing clowns on TV handing out free makeovers and trips or singing happy songs equated acceptance with the mainstream when it was anything but — the one thing I learned in this business is that people will gleefully lick your feet to get the best goodie bag yet will secretly hate you the entire time their tongues are wrapped around your toes

Anita tickles Marcy's feet and then kisses her passionately.

Anita: I don't want to live like this anymore

Marcy: What about your family?

Anita: That's what Thanksgiving is for — besides, my sister can take care of our parents, she's their favorite anyway

Marcy: Well, she did give them grandchildren

Anita: Shut up

Anita's cell phone rings a Pat Benatar tune but she ignores it.

Marcy: Aren't you going to get that?

Anita: Nah, let them leave a voicemail

There is a short pause then the phone rings in a solid, low tone. Anita leaps off the sofa and runs for the counter.

Anita: SHIT — that's an emergency alert — hello? — yes... WHAT? — WHERE? — I'M ON MY WAY

Anita scoops up her keys and pulls on her shoes.

Marcy: What's going on?

Anita: Turn on the news!

On screen is Dan Henshaw. A blurry distance shot of the ocean is behind him and the words "Breaking News" underneath.

Dan: KCON has just learned that the Meeramar vessel carrying hundreds of mourners for a memorial service is in danger of sinking off the coast of Duquesa Bay, rescue ships have been deployed but the intensity of this storm is making matters extremely difficult...

Anita: Craig is on that ship


KJ assists his mother and others as they attempt to get below. Erika runs to the side of the ship and tries to see what is happening. An eerie glow flashes in the water, then vanishes.

Erika: (Gritting her teeth) Are you trying to bait me?


Erika considers diving over and turning into Darkfin but too many eyes are upon her. As she goes to join the others, she spots a young child out of the corner of her eye. Hannah is playing with a dead bird that was blown on the deck. The ship radically lurches and lists to the side, causing the child to slip.

Claudia & Ben: HANNAH

Erika times her strides and matches the child sliding across the deck. As Hannah goes over the edge, Erika leaps over the rail after her.

Surfaced on July 1, 2000
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