Year One: Duquesa Bay

"See Change"

With the fierce storm abating, Morrigan and Amy drag a lifeless Darkfin over to an area of the beach that is not in plain view. Morrigan drops to Aleta Oscura's side as Amy recoils in wonder.

Amethyst: That's... that's her - it - your friend, right?

Morrigan ignores Amy and places her left hand over Darkfin's still heart.

Amethyst: She's so beautiful... and frightening at the same time

With her right hand tilting Darkfin's head back, Morrigan covers her mouth with her own and begins to slowly breathe.

Amethyst: Is that going to work?

Morrigan continues to take long, measured breaths as her hand dimly glows in the middle of Darkfin's chest.

Morrigan: (In her mind) Yes, I heard you - now, you need to hear me - breathe with me, Fin, I know you're in there

Darkfin's whole body begins to twitch and tremble.

Amethyst: She's a fish, shouldn't she be in the water to breathe?

Morrigan now feels a slow but strong heartbeat. Darkfin's arms come up and wrap around her body.

Morrigan: (Half smile) There you are

Darkfin opens her eyes and draws Morrigan closer to her. They are breathing in perfect unison now.

Morrigan: My turn to play rescuer now

Darkfin: (Raspy) Stay with me

Morrigan: I'm not going anywhere

Suddenly, Darkfin violently rolls both of them to the side. She springs up in a defensive posture, shielding Morrigan and bearing her teeth at Amethyst.


Holding the trident and taking direct aim at Darkfin, Amethyst considers the situation.

Amethyst: I'm sorry, Morri, but this is the weapon I've needed all along

Morrigan: Think about what you're doing

Amethyst: Believe me, I am - I either kill you two and present this to The Clergy as the ultimate trophy... or I finally kill my Father with it

Darkfin calls to the trident but Amy has a firm grasp. The two struggle to gain control until it flips out of Amy's grip and lands directly into Morrigan's hand. She swings the balled end around and slams it directly into Amy's stomach. The wind is knocked out of her and she collapses to the sand. Darkfin juts out her armfin and is about to slash Amy's throat until Morrigan pushes her aside.

Morrigan: NO

Darkfin hesitates.

Morrigan: (Tilting her face to meet hers) Look at me, Fin, no more killing...

Darkfin is still tense until Morrigan pulls her into a lingering embrace.

Morrigan: There's been far too much of that

Darkfin returns the hug but does not let Amethyst out of her sight.

Darkfin: She is a threat

Morrigan: Not anymore

Both Darkfin and Morrigan are reluctant to part from each other. Morrigan hands over the trident to Darkfin and then searches Amy's pockets for the car keys.

Morrigan: (Finding them) Let's go

Morrigan throws Amy's jacket over Darkfin's shoulders and the two hurry to the car. Darkfin loads the trident into the trunk.

Darkfin: (Climbing in the backseat) Where are we going?

Morrigan: Anywhere you want... as long as I'm with you

Darkfin: Bay Valley Medical Center

Back at the Techtonic nightclub, Jason hobbles over to Gracie and Jeremy.

Gracie: What are you doing here?

Jason: (Super serious) I said we need to talk and I mean it!

Jeremy protectively steps in front of Gracie.

Gracie: What happened to your leg?

Jason: I aggravated an old sports injury

Gracie: Right - are you sure it's not one of your constant mystery injuries?

Jason: (Growling) I'm not here to talk about me...

Jason grabs Gracie's arm and pulls her towards the door.

Jason: Let's go outside

Gracie: HEY

Jeremy shoves Jason off of her.


Jason: (In his face) THIS IS NOT YOUR CONCERN, BOY

Jeremy: (Right back in his) WHO ARE YOU CALLING BOY, BOY?

Gracie now separates the two.

Gracie: BOYS, KNOCK IT THE HELL OFF - now, Jason, if we need to talk, you ask me nicely, I'm not some geisha girl you command - Jeremy, I appreciate the bravado but I can take care of myself!

Both guys reluctantly back down.

Gracie: Now, I'm on my way home, if you want to talk to me, Clark, tag along but I'm warning you right now, I'm in no mood for BS - Colvin, I'll call you later and thanks again!

Gracie storms out the door. Before Jason follows her, he turns around to Jeremy.

Jason: You watch your step with me, Brownie - you need to learn respect

Jeremy bits his lip until Jason is gone.

Jeremy: And you need to learn how quickly I'm gonna kick your ass, Blue Boy

Gracie already has the engine running as Jason gingerly gets into the passenger seat.

Jason: Ow - why did you rent such a piece of crap?

Gracie: (Driving off) Didn't you get the KCON memo? - I'm currently without a job and that means no moolah - this is what no moolah gets you in rental cars

Jason: I can try to help...

Gracie: Hold it right there - listen, Jason - I appreciate you looking out for me but it's got to stop - I'm still trying to figure out what happened between us that night...

Jason: (Smiling at her) That was a great night

Gracie: (Frustrated) Maybe - I wish I could remember - but whatever happened, it happened and now it's over

Jason: It doesn't have to be over

Gracie: Yes, it does - we're co-workers, that's it

Jason: Technically, not anymore

Gracie: JASON - it was a one night stand - and that's all it's every going to be

Jason: If you gave it... if you gave us a chance

Gracie: NO - I don't know how to say this without hurting your feelings but I'm just not that into you - let's try putting it into jock terms... you took your shot, the ball bounced off the rim, now it's time to pass to someone else

Jason grabs her knee.

Jason: (Smirking) The ball bounced off of more than just the rim - you enjoyed the slam dunking, Takanachi

Gracie: (Throwing his hand off) I'm not saying I didn't but the GAME IS OVER

Jason's face now contorts into sheer rage.


Gracie: (Nervous) Should have WHAT?

Jason: (Regaining control) Nevermind

Gracie: Look, none of this matters anymore - Zach, KCON, you - I'm leaving Duquesa Bay and I'm not sure I'm coming back

Gracie pulls the car over to a bus stop and motions for Jason to get out. He grudgingly does. She speeds off down the road.

Jason: You aren't going anywhere, Gracie, trust me

Most of the injured from the Meeramar tanker are brought to the Bay Valley Medical Center. Anita checks in on a semi-conscious Craig. His nurse is very familiar with Anita.

Anita: How's he doing?

Nurse: Drifting in and out - the doctor should have his results back soon... and how are you doing? - I haven't seen you in awhile

Anita: (Clearing her throat) I've been real busy

Nurse: Does she have a name?

Craig: (Opening his eyes) Marcy - now both of you chatterboxes please be quiet because my head is ringing louder than a church bell

Anita: (Taking his hand) Craig - how are you feeling?

Craig: I guess you missed the church bell comment

Anita motions to the nurse to give them some privacy. The nurse winks at Anita on her way out.

Craig: Aren't you tired of being a stereotype yet?

Anita: (Chuckling) Life is too short to settle for one simple side dish at the buffet bar

Craig: Even with Marcy as the main course?

Anita answers with a silent pause.

Anita: You know, you got the nickname "Crunch" for the number if sit-ups you could do, not for constantly cracking your cabeza

Craig: Huh, I thought it was after the cereal?

Anita: Seriously, Captain, you're worse than an NFL QB - keep this up and we're going to have to get one of those special helmets they strap on retards to keep them from banging their heads against the wall

Craig: (Smiling) Not very PC of you, Fiore

Anita: When have I ever been? - besides, that's your job

Both suddenly become silent as they ponder their futures with the USCG.

Anita: (Barely above a whisper) Craig... can you tell me what happened out there?

Craig: It's all so very vague - I can't really remember

Anita: Do you know what happened to the tanker?

Craig: (Searching his mind) I... I can't say - I do remember the Martel girl going overboard and diving in after her - and then the ship... I was slammed against it

Anita: How were you able to hold on to little Hannah?

Craig: I don't... I don't know

Craig's eyes now widen as his face registers a shocked expression.#

Anita: It was Aleta Oscura, wasn't it?

Before Craig can answer, he slips back into unconsciousness.

Anita: Craig?

The doctor comes in and orders Anita out so Captain Phelps can get his rest. Anita walks out into the hall where she spots Penny Renselier and her dad. They are waiting for Lydia to get checked over. As George speaks with his wife's doctor, Penny goes over to a vending machine. Anita saunters over to her.

Anita: We didn't have a chance to finish our conversation earlier

Penelope: I'm sorry, you bitching at me is considered a conversation?

Anita: (Rubbing her left wrist) I want to know exactly what happened to my captain... and I want to know what your deal is?

Penelope: I helped save your buddy and my cousin - end of story - as far as my deal, it's not your problem

Anita: (In Penny's ear) I'm making it my problem and it will be a bigger problem for you if I have to haul your skinny goth ass before a Coast Guard commission

Penelope: You forget who my father is - he will never let that happen - the only way I'm going before a commission is for them to pin a hero medal on me

Anita: I'll make sure they pin it through your nose if you don't answer my questions

Penelope: That would be perfect, thanks

The Renselier daughter begins to walk away but Anita pulls her back.

Anita: I spoke with Craig, there's no way an unconscious man scaled the side of a sinking tanker with a sick toddler in tow - and seeing you weren't IN the water, how did you manage to pull them both on board?

Penelope: (Evil laugh) Don't you believe in miracles, Lieutenant Fiore?

Anita: I believe in horseshit and that's exactly what's coming out of your mouth, mentiroso!

George: (Finishing with the doctor) Is there a problem, lieutenant?

Anita: (Backing off) That's up to your daughter, Mr. Renselier

KJ rushes down the hall and interrupts their conversation.

KJ: (Frantic) Have any of you seen my sister?

They all look baffled.

KJ: I haven't been able to find Erika since we were on the ship

Anita: I can check the master list we complied as we docked - IF she was on one of our boats - when did you see her last?

KJ: We were on deck when the storm hit and I went to help my mom through all the chaos - now I can't find Rikka!

Anita: (Raising an eyebrow) Interesting

Penny: Erika is fine

Both KJ and Anita look at Penny.

Penny: I saw her a little bit ago as she was boarding one of the ships

KJ: Are you sure?

Penny: Very - in fact, she's probably around here somewhere - with all the people and the panic, just keep looking

KJ: Thanks, I will

Anita stares at Penny quizzically as the doctor gives George the okay to see his wife. He steps inside the room.

Penny: (Following) If you'll excuse me, I have to be with my mother - why don't you go find your own family and annoy them?

Before Anita can respond, Penny slams the door in back of her. Anita huffs and storms down the hall. She turns the corner and runs right into her Uncle Hector.

Anita: Tio?

He has a look of utter devastation on his face.

Anita: Hector, what is going on?

Not far from him, Carmen sobs hysterically in Frank's arms.


Inside Amy's car, Morrigan drives very carefully so she doesn't attract attention. Darkfin huddles in the backseat, keeping the jacket over her head and shoulders. The last rays of a ruddy twilight pierce through the bands of dark clouds.

Darkfin: How are you holding up?

Morrigan: (Noticing a patch of skin on Darkfin's shoulder) I should be asking you that?

Darkfin: I asked you, first?

Morrigan: (Touching a tiny cut on her lip) Fine... except fish teeth don't feel like feathers

Darkfin: Sorry

Morrigan: You know, when I said I'd take you anywhere you wanted to go, I was thinking more along the lines of Portland, maybe even Alaska - why are we staying here?

Darkfin: Because we must

Morrigan: That's a clear answer - let's try this question - why Bay Valley?

Darkfin: It has the necessary supplies - I have been most negligent in keeping stock - the distractions lately... never cease

Morrigan: Yes, it would be nice to have a quick breather from all of this, pardon the pun

Darkfin: Thank you... for earlier

Morrigan: My pleasure... I was just returning the favor, of course - you're still one up on me

Darkfin: I think we are more than even

They turn on the street that leads to Bay Valley Medical Center. The hospital is seen in the distance.

Morrigan: When you're in there, bring me back a pillow and a blanket - it doesn't look like I'll be staying at Ms. Hill's hacienda tonight

Darkfin: You should have let me take care of her

Morrigan: Please don't blame Amy, she's confused

Darkfin: And you are not?

Morrigan: Not anymore - ever since Joe threw me into the river, I have been at peace

Darkfin: You do seem... different

Morrigan: I now have faith

Darkfin: Are you going to start ringing doorbells?

Morrigan: No, not like that, my faith is in the universe, not in the god of Christians or Muslims or any of the world's religions... they've become destructive instead of instructive

Darkfin: So, no old man with a long white beard for you?

Morrigan: Heh, trust me, if god were a man, all men would have a dozen boobs, beer for blood, and we wouldn't exist

Darkfin: So, she is a woman?

Morrigan: Nope, wrong again - we wouldn't have PMS and we would be in power if that were the case - it's beyond assigning a gender - that's for writers with a bias or who lack creativity

Darkfin: Hmm, you do know that science will always trump faith, no matter what it is?

Morrigan: (Patting Darkfin's hand) I prefer to think we compliment each other

Darkfin: We shall see

People and press are swarming the hospital parking lot.

Morrigan: (Hitting the breaks) I think we should go somewhere else

Darkfin: Pull into that alley across the way - I can make it inside through an underground sewer passage

Morrigan: EWW - forget the pillow and blanket request!

Morrigan does as she is told. Darkfin gets out of the car and checks around to make sure no one is nearby. She returns to the driver's side and wraps Amy's jacket around Morrigan.

Darkfin: At the first sign of trouble, you leave, understood?

Morrigan: I'm not leaving without you, not anymore, understood?

Darkfin: Then stay right here - I will be back in fifteen minutes

Morrigan nods as Darkfin yanks off the metal grating cover and crawls inside. About five minutes pass. Morrigan suddenly notices the cover levitating off the ground.

Morrigan: What the...

It flies forward and slams through the windshield, nearly decapitating Morrigan. Slouched in her seat and covered in bloody cuts, she peers in back of her and notices a pack of blue hoods floating in her direction.

Morrigan: Not again!

Morrigan scrambles out of the car just as it catches fire. She calls to the trident and it comes flying out of the trunk and into her hand before the car explodes. Morrigan dashes for the hospital with the hoods chasing after her.

Morrigan: I am tired of running from you clowns!

Morrigan stops in her tracks and turns around to face them. Their glowing eyes stare at her for a moment. Morrigan braces for a battle but they quickly float past her and head straight for the hospital.



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